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What smells are removed?

Deodorizes the foul smell of cigarettes, organic garbage, urine, pets, etc., the cooking smells of grilled meat, grilled fish, etc., and a variety of other bad odors. Also able to disperse and deodorize formaldehyde, which is the substance that causes sick house syndrome.

How are the smells removed?

The primary ingredient, natural soybean amino acid, adsorbs ionically and decomposes bad odors at the molecular level, changing them into substances with no odor.

Can it be used to deodorize clothing?
Can it also be used on washing that is dried naturally?

Yes. In addition to clothing, it can be used on blankets, pillows, curtains, carpets, soft toys, car seat covers, and other cloth products. Even for naturally dried washing, the deodorant agent can penetrate into the water contained in the fabric and deodorize the fabric.

How long does the deodorant effect last?

The deodorant effect varies depending on criteria such as the composition, type, quantity, and placement of the bad odor. However, the odor will no appear after the odor molecules have been decomposed and removed.

I haven't been able to remove the smell of cigarettes from a curtain,
what about that?

When the oily tar that is contained in cigarettes is adhered in large quantities to walls and curtains, it can take a long time for the deodorant substance to reach the odor particles in the tar. It is recommended that you use it every day.

Can it remove the scent of perfume?

Ordinary perfumes are composed of from several to several tens of different components so that the scent does not fade, and so it can be difficult to remove the smell in a short period of time. Try using the deodorant more frequently.

Does it also have an antibacterial effect?

This product has been verified as having a high antibacterial effect through disinfecting tests carried out by the Japan Food Research Laboratories, and has obtained the SIAA mark by meeting the effectiveness standards of the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Agents.

What kinds of microbes is it effective against?

It is effective against escherichia coli, pathogenic escherichia coli strain O157, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, trichophyton, klebsiella pneumonia, fungus, herpes simplex virus, and other microbes.

Can it be used as a mould removal agent?

G2TAM is not a mould removal agent, and it does not remove mould that has appeared. Remove mould using a commercial mould removal agent. Apply G2TAM or G2TAMα after removing the mould to prevent mould from forming.

Has the safety been tested?

The Japan Food Research Laboratories carried out 5 different safety tests that prove the high level of safety: (1) Acute oral toxicity test; (2) Primary skin irritation test; (3) Skin sensitization test; (4) Mutagenicity test; and (5) Part 5 of the specifications and standards for food additives on the testing methods for detergents.

Does it contain any substances that are harmful to the body?

It does not contain any harmful substances. In order to pass part 5 of the specifications and standards for food additives on the testing methods for detergents, a test was carried out for heavy metals, arsenic and other harmful substances, and absolutely no harmful substances were detected.

Is it ok even if my pet licks it?

The results of the safety tests show that there are no problems. However, if your pet does lick it, it is likely that it will taste slightly bitter and your pet will feel uncomfortable.


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