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G2TAM Natural Hand Cleanser

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Natural Hand Cleanser

Superior ef fectiveness and high safety.Hand cleanser that is gentle to your hands,and also used in medical facilities.

Product description Hand cleanser
Ingredients Grain extract liquid (soybean amino acid and glycoamino acid mixture), Benzalkonium Chloride, Lauraminopropionate, poly oxide propylene glycol, cocoyl glutamic acid TEA, purified water
Properties Mildly acidic, colorless, clear, odorless
Quantities 500ml bottle type, 1000ml pouch refill, 18L soft tank refill

Always keeping your hands and body clean.
Gentle to your skin and keeps your hands, fingers, and skin clean longer.(Foaming) Because it is in a pump bottle, the foaming cleanser gently caresses your hands.

G2TAM Hand Cleanser is a personal hygiene product for your hands and skin that uses environmentally friendly technology of natural soybean amino acid ingredients. Removes attached bacteria that cannot be removed simply by washing your hands, and also succeeds in keeping your hands clean for a long period of time. Through the combination of a natural plant-based heat retaining agent (cocoyl glutamic acid TEA), your hands won't lose their moisture no matter how many times you use it, and you won't notice any smell. It can be used by a wide range of people, from children to the elderly, in food preparation facilities, medical facilities, nursing facilities, schools, kindergartens, day-care centers, etc.

* Used as an antimicrobial agent
that passes the standards of the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Agents (SIAA).

* Granted a process patent (patent no. 3529059)


* Wash your hands with soap and wipe away the water before use.

* Not only for use with your hands and fingers, but can also be used on your face and body.

* Press the pump once, take the dispensed foam in your hands, and rub it thoroughly between your hands without wiping away. Your hands dry in 10 to 15seconds.

* Each usage is approximately 1 ml. The standard bottle can be used approximately 500times (50ml mini-bottle approximately 150times).

* The same effect can be achieved by wetting a cloth or tissue with G2TAM and rubbing it on.


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