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World first confirmation of three-in-one high levels of antibacterial power, deodorant power, and safety using natural soybean amino acids.

The base technology "Scentless E-1" is an antibacterial, deodorant agent where the main ingredient is amino acids extracted using special methods from natural soybeans that was developed in 1992.

The world's only patent for amino acids as the main ingredient in an antibacterial, deodorant agent was acquired in March 2004.
Our company acquired shared patent rights over that patent in December 2006.

The only natural organic antibacterial agent to meet the antibacterial strength and safety standards of the Society of Industrial Antimicrobial Articles and acquire certification with the SIAA mark.

Technology that provides a combination of antibacterial power (ability to kill bacteria) and deodorant power (ability to decompose chemical substances) while maintaining a high level of safety.

Already highly regarded in specialist fields as a chemical deodorant in agriculture and industry, and as an antiseptic in medicine and public health.

High level of compatibility with other substances is an inherent potential for development for a wide range of applications.

Does not induce chemical resistance in various bacteria and viruses.
(Resistant bacteria do not occur, even if used frequently at high concentrations)

Superior value when features are compared.


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