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Effective for a variety of purposes, including deodorant, antibacterial, mould prevention, formaldehyde dispersant, while putting safety first.Also used by food companies, hotels, and airlines.

Product description Deodorant, antibacterial, mould prevention, formaldehyde dispersant, deodorizing agent
Varietie Odorless, baby perfume scented, soap scented, lavender scented
Ingredients Grain extract liquid (soybean amino acid), surfactant agent, PH modifier, scent (except odorless product)
Properties Neutral, colorless, clear, odorless (except scented varieties)
Quantities 500 ml bottle type, 30ml mini-bottle, 1000ml pouch refill, 18L soft tank refill

* The odorless type is also available in 250ml and 300ml.

Deodorant, antibacterial, and mould prevention using the power natural soybean amino acids

The main ingredients of “G2TAM” are natural soybean amino acids and related compounds, which are born from a patented technology used widely in industry and manufacturing as a way of safely resolving the problem of bad-smelling substances produced from soil conditioning processes and from chemical factories. The knowledge that has been obtained from the track record and research and development over many years has been refined into a general-purpose deodorant,  antibacterial, mould prevention agent that is safe to be used on your hands, thus giving birth to the “G2TAM” series. The G2TAM series offers high levels of safety that allow you to feel secure even when used in an ordinary house with babies and pets, while meeting the demands  of the professional, by using technology that can't be imitated by other companies.

* Used as an antimicrobial agent
that passes the standards of the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Agents (SIAA).

* Granted a process patent. (patent number 3529059)


Hold 20 to 30cm away from an area that you find smelly or an area where you want to kill bacteria and prevent mould, and spray directly on the area. Spray 3 to 4 times (approx. 3ml) for an area of 1m2. The same effect can be obtained by wetting a cloth or tissue with G2TAMα and wiping.

Main Application

Deodorant, antibacterial, and mould prevention for every part of an office or house, including carpets, straw mats, curtains, fabric sofas, beds, quilts, closets, shoe boxes, baths, toilets, drains, vehicle interiors, air-conditioner filters, stuffed toys, the odor around pets, etc.


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