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Air heal:Air cleanser and cleaning solution for humidifiers

For rooms where you want to breathe deeply

Deodorant utilizing G2TAM for high safety and strong antibacterial power.
Bring out the effect by using it in combination with the Air Fresher.

G2TAM Air Heal smoothly spreads the fresh smell of natural eucalyptus throughout a room simply by placing it in the dedicated humidifier.
Feel the delicious air of a luxurious and warmly relaxing forest around your body every day.

Air heal

Product description G2TAM Air Heal
Varieties Odorless and Eucalyptus scented
Ingredients Natural soybean amino acid fluid, surfactant, natural Eucalyptus extract
Quantities 500ml bottle, 16L soft tank for refills (odorless type only)

* Used as an antimicrobial agent that passes the standards of the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Agents (SIAA).

* Granted a process patent (patent no. 3529059)

* Passes 5 types of the Japan Food Research Laboratories safety tests.


Gently disperses Air Heal deodorant while circulating cleaner air.

◎Cleans the air in the cold and flu season◎Prevents house dust◎For the hay fever season◎Repels insects with eucalyptus◎Removes the smell of cigarettes

* The odorless variety of Air Heal does not have an insect
repellent effect.

Three great functions in one device

Humidifies+Stops odors and kills bacteria+Circulates air


Product size (Approx.) 220 wide x 220 deep x 275 high (mm)
Product weight (Approx.) 2.2kg
Power supply AC 100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 30W
Water tank capacity 1.5L
Maximum humidifying rate (Approx.) 220cc/hr
Power cord length 2.3m (magnetic plug)
Motor temperature fuse 117°C
Materials (Main body and tank) ABS resin, (fan cover) PP resin, (feet) rubber
function * Air speed selectable from low, medium, and high
* 1, 2, and 4 hour timer settings
Supplied components Filter x 1set, deodorant "Air Heal (Eucalyptus Scented)" 250ml trial bottle x 1
JAN Code 4963027406049.

* Applicable room size: Concrete construction: 16.2m2, Wooden construction: 10.8m2

* Electricity cost when used 8hours per day: Approx. 3yen (calculated based on 1kWh = 22yen).


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