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Apr Peace and Cues Y.K. established by vice-president Atsuko TOMIDA at 1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City as a distributor of environmental cleaning agents and waste disposal units. Capital 3 million yen.
Sep Began commercialization of Scentless E-1.


May Began sales of general-purpose Scentless E-1 antibacterial and deodorant (A SAP).
Nov Yoshiharu MASUI appointed as president.


Apr Relocated headquarters to 3-30-17 Chiyoda, Naka-ku, Nagoya City.
May Began business with China.
Sep Established product development research laboratory in Mishima City in Shizuoka prefecture.


Mar Number 1 OEM product (LaLaciel, Otsuka Kagu Ltd) released.
Apr Peace and Cues restructured. Additional capital of 10 million yen invested.
Oct Product name changed from "A SAP" to "G2TAM". Began sales of "G2TAM-α" and "G2TAM Hand Cleanser".
Nov Established system for retail sales.
Dec Established Peace and Cues U.S.A. Inc in Costa Mesa city, California state as a local American company.


Mar Received "Business innovation certification (No. 1106 retail 16) based on small and medium enterprise business innovation assistance law" from Aichi prefecture.
Apr Established an environmental science research laboratory in the Tottori Prefecture Industrial Technology Center.
May Received "Certification of business research assistance course of Tottori Prefecture Technology Support Center". Relocated headquarters to 1-6-30 Tachibana, Naka-ku, Nagoya City.
Sep Establish Tokyo sales office in number 6 Mori building in Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Oct Additional capital investment of 45 million yen.


Jan Began sales of "Air Freshener" vaporizing air cleaner and deodorant devices and Air Heal dedicated antibacterial and deodorant.
Sep Began collaboration with Nisseki K.K to develop Scentless E-1. Joint development at Nagoya University Incubation Center.
Nov Received "Intellectual property and venture development assistance certification (no. 200600122238) from Tottori prefecture.
Dec Acquired shared patent rights to Scentless E-1. Signed a collaborative research agreement with Tottori University. Confirmed complete deactivation of noro virus (substitute virus: feline calicivirus) at Japan Food Research Laboratories.


Mar Doctor Koichi Otsuki of Tottori University achieved complete deactivation of high contagion bird influenza using G2TAM-α (partner institution: Kyoto Sangyo University Bird Influenza Research Center)
Aug Closed product development research laboratories in Mishima city in Shizuoka prefecture. Left health-food business. Specialized in G2TAM and environmental solutions.


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