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Public sanitation

Technological development, product development, manufacturing, product planning, and sales (shared patent company Nisseki) of public sanitation agents "G2TAM", "A SAP", "Air Heal", "Pet Smile", and "Scentless E-1 Series".

New function detergents

Development, production, planning, and sales of highly functional detergent.


Development, production, planning, and sales of security systems.

Environmental solutions

-Sales of adsorption filters for ozone deodorant devices (Max Ozone Reactor - Adsorption Technology Industries Corp.) -Sales and construction work with non-organic sealants (Permeate, D&D Corp.) -Sales of waste disposal units (Mabuchi MZ, Feldlayer, Chukyo Iyakuhin Co. Ltd.) -Environmental solution consulting. Investigate bad odors based on bad odor prevention methods.


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