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Ecological manufacturing that is kind to people and the earth (a synthesis of nature and science)

Our goal is not to replace the beauty of nature with chemical products, but to maximize the hidden power of nature using scientific technology.
After the 20th century where science could do anything, the 21st century is a time that seeks to combine nature and science.
Our activities are to disseminate leading edge technology with the theme "ecological manufacturing that is kind to people and the earth" that is convenient, safe, and healthy.
That is the mission of Peace and Cues.

Safety that is obvious (main ingredient is natural soybean amino acid)

The main ingredient of G2TAM, a deodorant and antibacterial agent from Peace and Cues, is amino acids that have been extracted from natural soybeans using a special process.
This is a world first technology that maintains high levels of safety while delivering extreme effectiveness.
This is being used as the solution to a variety of problems, including bad odors, chemical substances, mould, infectious bacteria, and pests, that occur in a wide range of fields, from agriculture and industry to the household.

Combination with the most suitable hardware (collaboration with optimal devices)

An even higher level of functionality can be obtained by combining the "software" developed by Peace and Cues (G2TAM) with the appropriate "hard ware" (devices and fixtures).
Our company is pursuing cooperative development with many device and fixture manufacturers so that the effectiveness of G2TAM can be used for more economically efficiently.

Even more specialist fields (collaborative research with academic institutions)

Our company is not only engaged in industry-government-academia collaborative research with various highly respected Japanese universities and research institutes, but is also engaged in collaborative research with a wide range of foreign research institutes and is pursing application research in more specialist fields.


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